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URA Recruitment Application
Child Attention and Learning Lab

Director:  Dr. Cynthia Huang-Pollock
Project Coordinator:  Andrea Cordero

Please take your time to complete all of the following items carefully and accurately.  We suggest completing this application on a computer rather than a tablet or cellphone.
General Requirements:
- 2 semester, 10 hour per week commitment (including 1 hour for our weekly lab meeting) for 3 academic credits per semester
- Available for a minimum of 1 evening per week and 1 Saturday per month (football games/THON excluded) for participant recruitment and data collection
If we believe you may be a good fit for our lab, we will contact you within 1 week after you submit your completed application to schedule an interview.  If you have any questions or concerns after completing your application, please contact Marissa Reynolds at
Note to Post-Bacs and Graduate Students:  Dr. Huang-Pollock is not able to provide financial compensation at this time.  If you would like to volunteer in the lab for experience, you may complete this application.

Contact Information:
Your Name
Contact Information
Contact Information

Education Information:
Year in School
Graduation Date
Field of Study 

Availability Information: 

Please note:  The first semester listed is the earliest availability we will have to take on new URAs. 
Can you commit 10 hours per week to the lab?
Are you available after 4 PM once per week?
Are you available 1 Saturday per month from 9 AM - 1 PM or 12 - 4 PM?

Please answer the following questions.